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Online Giving

Thank you for your generous support.

If giving towards our YES (Year-End Sacrifice) campaign, please designate the gift as a YES gift by clicking on "Add Special Instructions..." on the next page.

About our YES Campaign

YES stands for Year-End Sacrifice and we are inviting everyone who believes in what God is

doing at the Neighborhood to say yes to supporting our vision and mission as a church.

Our vision is to be broken healed healers. We want to see broken people find healing in the

life-saving power of Jesus Christ. And we want to see healed people partnered with God

in bringing healing to others. Broken healed healers.

Our mission is to be and make disciples, to be the church where we are planted,

and to be challenged. Therefore, we are very intentional about developing disciples

of Jesus. We believe that part of being a disciple of Jesus is making disciples.

Our goal for our YES campaign is to raise $40,000 to support the work of life transformation

God is doing at the Neighborhood. Gifts can be given online through the Donate button above

or by check sent to The Neighborhood Vineyard at:

11966 Jack Benny Dr. Suite 104, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91739

Thank you for saying YES to what God is doing at the Neighborhood!